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Consultant A
Graduated from Tokyo Institute of Technology and Obtained MBA (Finance) from University of Hull, UK. Ken Yap has extensive network among Singapore government agencies as well as private sector through his working experiences in Singapore Economic Development Board and Trade Development Board. During the services at EDB, he organized various business linkage programmes between Singapore and Japan. Ken also worked as a corporate planning Director of a main-board listed company in Singapore. Ken set up joint venture with Japanese companies in Suwa in mould parts manufacturing business, which he is still managing today.
Researcher A

Graduated from International Christian University, Tokyo. Tomoko worked for Japan External Organisation (JETRO), a Japanese government agency to promote international trade and business for 10 years. During her service in JETRO, she was posted to Singapore where she developed strong network among government agencies and business community. In 2000, she joined JAIC (Japanese venture capital firm) ‘s research & consulting division as a manager.

Researcher C
Possess more than 10 years experience in providing customized research and information service. Previously headed and managed the Asia-Pacific Research and Knowledge Centers for the corporate finance division first at PricewaterCoopers and later at Andersen. These centers were pivotal in supporting the advisory teams within the Asian theatre in their corporate finance and corporate restructuring services which included target search, risk analysis, international plant location, greenfield feasibility studies, market penetration strategies, competitor benchmarking.
Researcher E
Has over 10 years of experience in equity, market and engineering research; corporate development; and investor/ public relations in the electronics and manufacturing industry.
At Vickers Ballas, worked as an electronics and manufacturing equity Research analyst who had focused on uncovering undervalued small capital stocks. At Dataquest in Singapore, he specialised in analysing semiconductors regional market share and memory IC markets in Asia Pacific. Also experienced in managing all facets of investor and public relations in a multi-industry public company and a pre-IPO private company. Eddy began his career as a materials engineer in Toshiba Corporation in Japan, before joining the Singapore Economic Development Board as a senior officer. He graduated with both Master of Science and Bachelor of Science in Materials Science and Engineering from Massachusetts Institute of Technology.


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